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What are the Elements of Branding?

We know that the steps in branding are defining your brand, determining the target audience, connecting with that audience, launching the brand, and then analyzing the data, but what are the elements in branding? In other words, if your brand is a recipe, what are the ingredients? We’ve outlined 7 core elements that every entrepreneur and CEO needs to consider while planning and building a business and launching a successful campaign.

1. Vision

The vision is the “big picture.” It’s how you see your company at its greatest along with all the reasons why. Of course, as the world changes and people grow, the vision will change; sometimes subtly, sometimes with a grand flourish. It is most important to never lose sight of your vision and allow it to develop with you and the company.

2. Manageable and Realistic Goals

If the vision is the “big picture,” manageable and realistic goals are the pixels that create the picture. Small achievements add up to growing and glowing success whereas one large failure can mean the end of your business.

3. Values

What does your brand stand for? Are you committed to using recycled and sustainable materials? Do you want to give back and improve communities? Are you dedicated to supporting education? Values are a core part of human and brand identities. They are what make us strive to do better and become loyal to those who make a difference.

4. Promise and Commitment

What sets your brand apart from the competition? Is your product superior in function and durability? Will you guarantee 100% customer service satisfaction? Will you offer lifetime product support? The promise and commitment you make to your customers is what they will rely on and the reason they will continue to choose your company and product.

5. Culture

Does your company have a reputation of being a great place to work? Do you promote values and ethics both in the workplace and in the community? Customers are attracted to positivity and company culture is no exception. Customers and investors are more likely to do business with a company they perceive as caring as opposed to a company who believes their employees are disposable.

6. Connection

Promoting your product and advertising services is as natural as breathing. While marketing is a fundamental part of any business, customers crave a human-to-human connection with the companies they become loyal to. Whether you connect in person or online, when customers feel heard, they feel valued, and they feel important.

7. An Image

No, not a logo. Your company image is the way that customers perceive you and your company. Your image needs to emanate positivity, responsibility, and accountability. Achieving a positive image is not inherently difficult, but it does take effort. You can manage a positive image by responding to reviews, sharing achievements, and being honest when things don’t go well. Everyone loves a motivating success story.

Every company has a brand. Other brands may focus heavily on one or two of these elements, but that isn’t enough to create an overall strong brand. Your commitment to the highest standards for each and every one of these elements is what will make your brand appealing to customers. Admittedly, these elements may be simple to comprehend, yet difficult to execute just right. At Ascendant Group, we understand that each of these elements need to reflect you and your business’s vision and future. Reach out for a free consultation and find out how Ascendant Group can make your elements into a far reaching campaign.


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