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Following extensive voting and research conducted over the past two months, Ascendant Group was awarded the above achievement for excellence in what it does best: CEO Branding

Wealth & Finance International ( is a monthly publication, dedicated to delivering high quality informative and up-to-the-minute global business content.  Developed by a highly skilled team of writers, editors, business insiders and regional industry experts, Wealth & Finance International reports from every corner of the globe to give a global circulation of 130,000 readers the inside track on the need-to-know news and issues affecting banking, finance, regulation, risk and wealth management in their region.

The Team at Wealth & Finance International interacts with many respected and successful businesses on a daily basis, internationally as well as close to home.  As a result, they have set up a team of in-house professional judges to research businesses all around the world before awarding the above prestigious award… and this year, 2016, Ascendant Group had the privilege of receiving this honor.

By winning the 2016 Wealth & Finance Business Award, Ascendant Group is being recognized as being a business that as a result of using “innovative methods and outstanding results, (Ascendant Group) is changing the way we view their industry and seeing them surge ahead of their competition.”

As Wealth and Finance International themselves state: “Rest assured that only the most deserving nominees will walk away with one of our prestigious awards.” 

So what exactly does Ascendant Group do that garnered the above recognition?

Since 2004, inspired by trust and built on referrals, Ascendant Group specializes in CEO branding.  We’ve delivered significant results for a variety of corporations, from multiple-billion-dollar companies based in China to mid-sized U.S. companies and even early stagebusinesses with high growth potential.  We do that by employing a mix of media outreach and strategic social media, leveraging the likes of LinkedIn.  We have also helped broker strategic alliances, producing signature events and negotiating a book deal. 

Raoul Davis, CEO of Ascendant Group, explains: “A strong CEO brand in today’s society helps to give emotional staying power to the company in a time when it is harder to differentiate a company’s services or product than ever before amongst the crowd of similar products, fast followers, and even those who will clone quickly.  They want to give their business to a company with a great reputation… and that reputation begins with the person in charge.” 

We would love to be the team that helps you reach your next level of success.  Let us share details of how our creative and technical teams develop and drive comprehensive branding efforts that will raise your profile and attract the attention of others that share your vision, accelerating your longer-term career or business goals. 

With offices in Newark and Wilmington, Delaware and Cairo, Egypt as well as plans to continue to expand further internationally into the Netherlands, let Ascendant Group help you succeed.  

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