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Five Steps To A Stronger CEO Brand

Develop a CEO brand strategy. This includes analyzing your brand strengths and aligning them with the corporation’s. In other words, emphasize the portions of the CEO brand that also ring true for the company.

Determine which audiences you want to go after and what message will connect with them the most. This differs from a corporate strategy because specifically you are looking at a more indirect message to get people to resonate with the CEO, and then as that is done the CEO serves as the bridge with the customer to get interest in the business.

Determine the tools you will use to get the message out. Will it be speaking? PR? Social media? A book? Strategic advertising with the CEO message?

Determine how to measure your results. What benchmarks are you looking for? Increased leads? More website traffic? Determine the metrics that make the most sense for you.

Assess the results. Analyze your results utilizing the metrics you’ve developed plus some bottom-line items such as revenue growth, close rates, and increased pricing -- and adjust your strategy from there.

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