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Two Ascendant Executives Awarded 2022 Philadelphia Titan Award

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Raoul Davis, Ceo and Richelle Payne, Partner, both of Ascendant Group Branding are proud to have been recognized as one of the area’s most accomplished business leaders in our industry by being awarded with the 2022 Philadelphia Titan Award. The Philadelphia Titan awards are annually held by Titan 100, a program that recognizes a premier group of CEO’s and C-level executives in Philadelphia and the greater metropolitan area.

Titan 100 explains that a titan is a person of exceptional importance and reputation. For example, Albert Einstein was a titan in the world of science, Shakespeare was a titan of literature and Wayne Gretzky was a titan of hockey. The noun titan comes from Greek mythology, in which the Titans were a race of gods. Today, a titan is reputable, distinguished, and preeminent in a certain field.

As Philadelphia Titans, Raoul Davis and Richelle Payne will be recognized at an annual awards event in September 2022 and will be given the opportunity to connect multiple times throughout the year with their fellow Titans. This exclusive group of Titans will be able to network and grow their professional connections at all types of private events. Furthermore, all Titan 100 designees will be published in the exclusive Titan100 Book, profiled online with individual landing pages, and recognized throughout the year in multiple platforms, venues and organizations.

On top of Titan 100’s Philadelphia award, they also offer awards in Colorado, Georgia, Philadelphia, Phoenix, St. Louis and Wisconsin. To learn more about Titan 100 and the awards they offer, click here.

More about Raoul Davis and Richelle Payne and Ascendant Group

Raoul Davis launched Ascendant Group in 2004 after being prompted to start his own business by two speakers at a Speakers bureau he worked for. Those speakers, NY Times Best Seller Omar Tyree and wealth manager Arthur Wylie quickly became his first clients and it was off to the races for Davis. Davis has been invited to small business forums at the White House and is considered to be an expert on CEO and executive branding.

Richelle Payne is an award-winning writer with 30 years of experience working as a journalist for a black-owned community newspaper, spokesperson and brand steward for an HBCU college, English instructor, and president of a national association for black PR professionals. Her unique mix of expertise has helped executives and entrepreneurs find and fix their communication challenges for greater impact.

Ascendant Group helps CEOs, thought leaders, and C-level executive leaders build a brand that goes beyond B2B and B2C. These brands are H2H, or “human to human”, and focus on increasing their top line revenue. By using brand strategy, public relations, book deals, social media, and brand design, Ascendant Group helps companies and executives grow their images.

Since 2009, Ascendant Group has specialized in CEO branding. Davis’s early definition and model for CEO branding have been cited by other authors on Forbes, in book publications, and other sources worldwide.

Although the industry has grown to include more agencies today, Ascendant Group remains one of the sector’s most elite companies. Ascendant Group has a team around the world in the United States, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, and Lebanon. Ascendant group is the #1 PR, social media and branding firm in Delaware according to and the #1 ranked minority owned PR firm in the country.

Click here to learn more about Ascendant Group.

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