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Doing This Will Guarantee a High Employee Turnover

When companies found themselves closing their office doors and shifting to employees working remotely, CEOs and managers had to give up a level of control, and trust their team would continue meeting productivity goals. As those doors open again, it is tempting to jump right back to that same level of intense management and oversight now that your employees are only a quick walk down the hall.

If you’re someone who cannot wait to hover over your team’s desks again, take a minute to step back and recognize that micromanaging behavior creates a toxic work environment and stifles employee confidence and productivity. Most employees will only tolerate working for you until they find a new opportunity resulting in a high turnover rate.

It may seem like any turnover rate is not a big deal. You’ll just hire someone else, right? The hidden costs involved with losing and replacing employees- including interviews, training, lost productivity while the new employee reaches the level of the previous employee, and lost opportunities due to lack of staffing - can range to 400% of an employee’s salary.

While it can be intimidating to refine your management style and relinquish a sense of total control, here are just a few ways it will be worth the benefits for you, your team, and the bottom line of the company.

Increased Employee Confidence and Motivation

An employee who is constantly under a microscope will begin to doubt their skills and knowledge. Inevitably, they will do the bare minimum to avoid making mistakes. On the other hand, an employee who is valued by their manager will be confident in their abilities, willing to take risks, and suggest improvements.

Increased Creativity and Efficiency

Confident employees constantly look for ways to improve current products and services, create new ones, and collaborate with colleagues. This promotes an energetic, challenging, and exciting place where employees will want to grow along with the company. Creative employees also seek new methods to solve problems and ways to increase efficiency.

Stronger Employee and Consumer Relations

Micromanagers may find that their team members are reluctant to discuss potential problems and hide current ones for fear of retribution. Employees who feel supported will approach their manager when they notice a potential issue and offer solutions before it becomes a major problem. Consumers appreciate this proactive approach and will be inclined to hire your company for future endeavors knowing they can trust you and your team to prevent and resolve any situation.

Decreased Health Concerns

Anyone with a Type A personality will admit to wanting everything to be perfect at all times. Most will admit they know this is not realistic. By micromanaging, you are essentially assuming responsibility for everything that goes right, and everything that goes wrong. This constant stress can lead to problems with sleep, immune health, heart health, and mental health. Share the responsibility and accountability with your team and reduce a significant portion of your stress.

Retaining employees who are happy, challenged, and supported will increase the company’s profits and bottom line. You may still worry about mistakes, but as the recent outpour for HBO Max’s intern shows, everyone makes mistakes and the world doesn’t end. Handling mistakes with honesty and grace is less costly than a revolving door of employees and will increase consumer loyalty.

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Jul 22, 2021

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