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Your Personal Diversity Matters

There has been a great deal of discussion around diversity in the last few decades. Let's talk about why each person in your team, including you, is diverse and why we need to listen to each other. Here is some perspective from Kimberly S. Reed, Senior Partner at Ascendant and Diversity and Inclusion expert with a career dedicated to the very topic.

Often, people understand that diversity matters. But they don't fully understand what that means for their own journey.

You are diverse. Your perspectives are influenced by your background, how you view the world, your skills, and how you are experiencing the present moment. Sometimes, the diversity of you is just what the situation requires. We're not referring to diversity in the sense of being different from others - but diversity in terms of the multiple competing and combined perspectives that live within your own mind.

Yes, you are diverse! And here are 8 reasons why that matters!

1) Only you are an expert of your experience. No one else can tell your unique story.

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