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Who is the World’s Most Powerful CEO?

When you think about the most powerful CEO in the world, what names come to mind? Jeff Bezos? Warren Buffet? Elon Musk? Tim Cook? Sure, these people run some of the largest corporations in the world, and are arguably some of the wealthiest, but do their decisions impact your business and your employees?


But your decisions do.

To answer the question, who is the most powerful CEO in the world? You are.

Your influence is at the heart of every consumer’s and investor’s perception and loyalty to your company in the following ways:

1. Creating the Brand

As CEO, you create the company’s brand. It’s your job and responsibility to decide

what the brand is all about, the target audience, and strategizing the brand campaign. A strong brand is a well known brand, and a well known brand is a successful one.

2. Ensuring Values

Consumers and investors tend to be critical of a company’s values. Not only does that

mean your company and brand values need to align with those of your loyalty base, but

those values must also be upheld to the highest caliber. If your company advertises its

commitment to ocean conservation and protection, yet contributes to a significant percent

of ocean pollution, consumers and investors will be quick to abandon their support. You

have the power to ensure values are at the forefront of the company’s consciousness.

3. Controlling the Narrative

CEOs are human, as are the employees they hire. This means that mistakes, big and

small, are going to happen. What matters to your loyalty base is how you address these mistakes. Consumers and investors value honesty and transparency. If a situation does occur, take immediate decisive action in order to minimize or prevent any damage, fix the issue as soon and efficiently as possible, and take appropriate steps so that it does not happen again. People will appreciate your effort and reaffirm their loyalty.

4. Making the Hard Decisions

Trends change daily and so do local and global markets. Without a working crystal ball, it is almost impossible to know for sure what the future will hold. Do you jump on that trend? Or will it turn out to be a 3 month fad that quickly fades from existence? Why didn’t you take that opportunity when you had the chance? Unfortunately, being the CEO means making those hard decisions and accepting when things don’t work out. With time and experience, you will become more intuitive and more confident when split second decisions need to be made, but for better or worse, you hold the power.

While being the world’s most powerful CEO is a big responsibility, it is also very rewarding. You are responsible for influencing the lives of your consumers, investors, and employees with the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the world. Here at Ascendant, we have a team who can support you in those decisions and in growing your company with your own personal brand. Contact us for more details!

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