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What Are The 4 Steps of Branding and Are You Applying Them to Your Branding Strategy?

Every business and CEO, no matter the size and reach, needs a solid brand in order to stand out from the competition and root themselves in the hearts and minds of consumers and investors. Whether you are just starting your adventure or are looking to solidify and expand your brand, these four steps will have you rising up the ladder of success.

1. Define and Live Your Brand

As the CEO, you and your company must have a clearly aligned brand that will build the foundation for growth. It is not enough to merely project your brand values and goals. You and your company must live these values everyday and constantly take action to support these goals. Let consumers and investors know exactly what you and your company stand for and that you have the integrity to achieve it.

2. Reach Your Target Audience

If your target audience is young entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps after graduation, you might consider giving a presentation at an event such as ComicCon. Perhaps a catered event at a casino or themed hotel would also attract a promising crowd. With Zoom meetings being a standard practice, you do not necessarily need to leave the office anymore, but you do still need to be present amongst your target audience. (Don’t forget, there are people who still appreciate an old fashion face-to-face meeting.) Attend events and speaking engagements that align with your brand. Research markets where your brand values are most popular and be seen there. Whether online or in person, your target audience will not come looking for you. You need to make yourself known to them.

3. Maintain a Positive Presence

Whatever your opinion is on “cancel culture,” it is a term that is becoming increasingly popular. With the power to do research instantly at the tip of one’s fingers with a smartphone, consumers and investors are a lot quicker to pass judgement. Before deciding on where to do business, many people research a company’s CEO and correlate the CEO’s reputation to that of the company’s. In order to maintain a positive reputation, make sure that when your name and your company’s name is Googled, there are at least two pages of positive results and reviews.

4. Share Your Vision and Victories

With the impact of social media and instant connections, people want to feel personally bonded with CEOs and companies that they do business with. Sharing your vision will attract consumers and investors with like minded ideas and goals. As an extension, when the company experiences a victory, those who feel a personal connection will also feel victorious and even proud. That is what having a successful and solid brand is all about.

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