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Want to Enter Into Luxury Markets Across the Globe? Our Partnership With The Luxury Network Can Help

Businesses and consumers may be continents apart, but Ascendant Group’s global team specializes in Human-2-Human marketing strategies resulting in emotional connections that close the gap when it comes to consumer loyalty. In June 2021, Ascendant Group announced its long-term global strategic partnership with The Luxury Network UAE (United Arab Emirates), a private membership club established in capitals around the world that uses an elite marketing model.

Raoul Davis, CEO of Ascendant Group, explains that the shift from Business-2-Business to Human-2-Human models forces CEOs to rethink their marketing and branding strategies in order to develop an emotional connection with consumers. By combining Ascendant Group’s H2H marketing expertise with The Luxury Network’s (TLN) elite marketing model, our clients will be able to propel their presence in the highly competitive luxury marketing landscapes including Dubai and Abu Dubai.

What makes this partnership invaluable to our clients are opportunities in attending exclusive TLN-curated and TLN-sponsored events, networking, media sharing and exposure from local to international outlets, strategic product placement, highly sought endorsements, and the combined knowledge of these two reputable companies. In addition, The Luxury Network CEO, Juan Perez, said this partnership “will help us to continue to invest in creating safe spaces where our teams and members can learn, grow, and become the industry leaders we know they can be, in the luxury field and in life."

Since 2004, Ascendant Group has been built on referrals and inspired by trust to become the #3 branding agency out of 11,400 worldwide on Adworld Masters. Our team of international professionals works with clients worldwide to meet their unique branding needs from CEOs to fortune 500 companies.

Since 2006, The Luxury Network UAE has established a reputation of trust, knowledge, and expansive professional connections. It is a private marketing and business club with more than 700 members whose fields include aviation, jewelry, banks, and automobiles. TLN UAE also works with many charities and social organizations to fulfill a commitment to social responsibility and positive community impact.

To learn more about how about this partnership can lead to new opportunities for you and your business, contact us through our website or email Raoul Davis at

For more information and to read the original article on Yahoo! Finance, click here.

Be sure to visit The Luxury Network’s website at


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