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Unsure How To Promote Your Company’s CEO? Use These 5 Tips!

Whether you’re a marketing and PR guru or just starting out in your career, you know that it is no longer enough just to have a prominent corporate brand. There must also be a salient CEO brand. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk are all CEOs that need no introduction. We know who they are and we know the company, or companies, they are with. It is no longer just about a connection between consumer and business. Consumers want a human-to-human connection. When it’s between two similar companies, it’s the CEO who breaks the tie. So how do you go about promoting your company’s CEO?

Here are 5 tips to successfully promote your company’s CEO and their executive brand:

1. Analyze and Align the Company’s Brand and CEO’s Brand

First you must analyze and know the company’s brand and culture and then compare it to the CEO’s brand. These two things must be in alignment otherwise consumers and investors may perceive the CEO as hypocritical. Once aligned, you can determine common strengths and how to highlight them.

2. Define the Target Audience

In order to reach the target audience and build that human-to-human connection, you must first know who they are, where to find them, and what they value (as they say with fishing, casting a smaller net where the fish are will catch more fish than casting a wide net and hoping for the best). Once you know who and where your target audience is, it is imperative to get to know them on a deeper level. What do they value? What are their needs? What changes do they want to see? A deep connection between the CEO and the target audience is what builds loyalty and increases followers.

3. Be Present

In the digital world, social media platforms are the fastest way to reach and connect with consumers and investors worldwide. Places like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter each allow the CEO to listen to and engage with consumers and listen to their feedback. As we get further into 2021, in-person meetings seem to be making a comeback. Speaking engagements, publishing events, and networking seminars are great places to be seen and make those lasting connections.

4. Follow and Control the CEO’s Online Presence

When people search for the CEO and the company for information and reviews, the first few pages of results should be a bombardment of positive comments. One negative page has the same weight of about 2 or 3 positive pages. It is important to stay on top of the CEO’s online presence and quickly address any negativity. Turning negative pages into positive pages not only helps the CEO’s reputation, it will also make consumers feel valued and heard. People who feel like they matter (because they do) are far more inclined to become lifelong loyal customers than those who feel like the CEO just does not care.

5. Collect Data and Analyze the Success of the Campaign

Not every campaign or promotion idea will be a raving success. On the other hand, not every campaign will be an epic failure. It is important to constantly review data to see what works, what didn’t work, and what has worked in the past but seems to be losing its effectiveness. Adaptability, flexibility, and the willingness to keep trying new things is key to riding the ever changing waves rather than trying to swim against them.

Today’s world is all about human connection whether that’s in person or online. Use these 5 tips to kickstart your company’s CEO’s promotional campaign and leave competitors in your wake.


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