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Ascendant Group is proud to be ranked amongst the top PR Firms in the region. Specifically ranking number #2 for top PR Firms according to for CEO and Executive Positioning, brand integration, and construction. Additionally, we were the only Philadelphia based firm featured in The Agency Post’s Top PR campaigns. Additionally, we were the only Philadelphia PR Firm ranked in’s top 10 small businesses to work for. As one of the most elite PR firms in the east coast and a top PR firm in Philadelphia area we’ve helped our Philadelphia based clients get key local PR, national Pr, secure book deals with national publishers, and help them grow their business.

No other Philadelphia PR firm is able to say they’ve won as many awards in PR while also securing book deals, speaking engagements, awards, growing their clients social media, and helping them procure awards. We are the Philadelphia regions most integrated leading PR firm and look forward to helping you grow your brand globally.

If you are looking for the Philadelphia PR firm that has won the most awards for CEO branding, corporate branding, and innovation. The Ascendant Group is the best choice for Philadelphia PR firms.

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