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Tips for Setting your PR Campaign up for Success

Your brand is more than just your website and product. Going beyond with a PR campaign that highlights your CEO, creates a figurehead that is relatable to your target audience, establishing brand loyalty and trust.

Select the right date

Timing is everything and a PR campaign is no exception to this rule. Launching your initiative on the right date can mean the difference between attracting the attention of a couple hundred people to several thousands. For example, finding an event that is relative to your industry creates an already established platform that will be attended by individuals and businesses that will be related to your message and who are on the lookout for new ideas and people. There will already be a media presence that allows you to reach another audience of people who fit within the same category but that are in other states or even countries creating more global connections.

Find the right media exposure

Finding relevant journalists, writers, and photographers within your industry or area you want to branch out to can seem like a daunting task. However, having the right media allows for more reach to be established across different platforms. From social media, blogs, and influential websites read by hundreds of thousands of readers, you want your message to get out to the right audience putting your brand and CEO in the right light. Experienced, high profile writers have busy schedules so the sooner you contact them, the better. Interacting with media at the event also helps to give your brand exposure to outlets you may not have considered. Understand that the more people you reach out too, the more potential. Stay professional in email and phone calls, every interaction is part of your PR campaign. Have your own team be generating high quality content as well for you to use on your own website and platforms.

With the right personal branding strategies, any business can grow. As we look to 2021 where virtual events will be running the show, the right team makes all the difference. Our personal branding company has the experience you need to expand your business into a global brand.

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