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Three Things That Can Help Or Hinder Your Executive Brand

Over the past decade, the actions of executives have often been correlated to the success of their companies and even the actions of the companies themselves. In the dawn of the social media age, everyone has a voice and is exponentially more visible than they were 20 years ago.

Of course, this isn’t anything new to you. You may think you are on top of your executive brand, but countless variables form one’s public perception. More often than not, for an executive, a miscalculation or variable that you didn’t consider can bring either criticism or praise.

Three things you may not have considered could help or hinder you executive brand are:

1. An emphasis on environmental consciousness

2. An emphasis on employee satisfaction

3. Standing for a cause

With Gen-Z entering the workforce, these topics are becoming critical areas of focus.

Learn how you can initialize these points to broaden your executive brand in our article in the Philadelphia Business Journal here.


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