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Think Global Conference

The 2019 Annual Think Global Conference will be two days full of inspiration, education, and networking. The conference serves as a premiere event for companies focused on import, export, and international trade. The best companies from small and medium-sized exporters will travel across America and 28 others countries to attend the opportunity to exchange and share their best practices. The event will be broken up into speaking sessions, panel discussions, break-out workshops, elevator pitch sessions and multiple networking events.

Seven hundred people made up of CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and CMOs; working in industries like Global Business Leaders (USA and abroad), Government Trade Agencies, Embassies, Policy Makers, Buyers, Investors, Trade Experts (Export & Import), Technologists & Innovators, Import & Export, and Related Service Providers will be gathered in one room to discuss innovative ways to expand their businesses.

Raoul Davis, CEO Branding expert and Chief Executive Officer for The Ascendant Group, the world’s leading CEO branding firm, will take the stage to share how executives can increase their revenues by increasing their visibility. CEO Branding is what builds human connectivity. Business isn’t just about B2B or B2C anymore. It is now H2H, human to human connectivity. Davis is internationally known for taking CEOs to the next level offering innovative CEO branding services like book publishing to get CEOs stories in the hands of their buyers.

Astrid Peters, President of The Ascendant Group Global Market in Europe will follow-up detailing the significance of CEO branding and how CEOs can benefit from designated brand management.

The Think Global Conference two-day event will offer over twenty successful speakers that will share on topics that improves any business.

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