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CEO branding is about helping the CEO represent a company in many ways, including serving as a driving force for increasing internet presence among interested clients. When working with a global executive search firm, all of the previous elements of a business' particular branding efforts might need to be considered.

CEO branding expert Raoul Davis, Ascendant CEO contributed a piece to Forbes where he outlined the ways that companies might become more visible through a CEO who matches the brand. The benefits are tangible: Davis notes that high-profile and well-managed CEO brands can lead to book deals, awards, and positive PR for the company.

CEO branding is especially important now that there are more ways than ever to see the performance of a CEO and notice how they interact online. In a piece for the Huffington Post, the CEO of analytics company FirstRain, Penny Herscher, described the importance of having a CEO who treats their various activities as part of their job and corporate presence.

"With this "age of complete transparency" being what it is, anything, whether a recorded off-color remark or a campaign donation, can be shared and seen by millions in a matter of hours," she writes.

Even someone who has a good public image and a strong presence in social media could be seen as hurting the brand by not reflecting it to some people, as with the recent controversy over Lululemon's new CEO.

Businesses might think they've found the right CEO candidate because he or she appears to be a good fit in some ways, only to find out some other unexpected aspect of their personality that is made public later. That's why it's crucial to have the right background information before any hire.

Finding people is easy, but finding the RIGHT people is not. YES Partners helps companies FIND the right people – for all company functions, across many industries and globally.

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Even individuals with a favorable public image and significant influence on social media can be perceived as damaging a brand by failing to align with it, as evidenced by the current debate surrounding Lululemon's new CEO. tunnel rush

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