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The Booming Economic Impact of Personal Brands

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

What does CEO branding have to do with football? Everything.

In recent pop-culture news, popular singer Taylor Swift has been rumored to be dating two-time Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. This was enough to make her ever-present fan base go wild, but what really broke the internet was when she showed up to a Chiefs game for the first time.

Taylor Swift casually sat in the Kelce box, watching the game with his friends and family, but nobody knew the impact that her personality and brand would have on the world.

From a business perspective, Taylor Swift’s appearance at the Chiefs game had the following impact:

  • 400% increase in Travis Kelce’s jersey sales

  • Kelce’s podcast “New Heights” with his brother Jason jumped to #1 on Apple Podcasts

  • Kelce gained 400,000 Instagram followers (double what he gained during the Super Bowl)

  • 24.3 million viewers watched the Chiefs game (¼ of the whole Super Bowl viewership)

  • The audience that watched the game jumped 63% in female viewership from ages 18 to 49

  • A 3x increase in “Chiefs” searches on the web

  • A 3x increase in Chief Game ticket sales on Stubhub

  • The Chiefs sold more tickets in a single day since the start of their season

The impact of one person’s brand had an extreme economic impact on the Chief’s business. Now, this may have been pop-culture news, but wouldn’t you want these stats for your business?

When a brand or company is aligned with a person who has a positive personal brand, the possibilities can be endless. What are some steps to kickstart the growth of your personal brand today and become this beacon for your business?

Ten Tips to Kickstart Your Personal Brand

Building a personal brand doesn’t happen overnight, but with careful planning, commitment, and a strategic approach, you can become an influential figure who commands the attention and respect of your target audience. Here’s how to begin the journey of molding your personal brand:

1. Define Your Unique Value Proposition

A unique value proposition is a clear statement that describes the benefit of YOU: how you solve the needs of your community, what you have to offer, and what distinguishes you from the competition. In the context of personal branding, it's all about identifying and communicating what makes you stand out. Your UVP should reflect your personal and professional attributes, experiences, and the unique benefits you bring to your network and community.

2. Curate Your Compelling Personal Story

Everyone has a story to share. Your personal story should share your journey, your ups and downs, and the experiences that have shaped who you are today. Through conveying authenticity, you will be able to makea genuine connection with your audience. A relatable and honest story can build emotional engagement, which is a cornerstone in constructing a strong personal brand.

3. Optimize Your Online Presence

CEOs, executives, and industry leaders often fall under public scrutiny, and an optimized online presence is crucial. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile, corporate bio, social media profiles, and any public speeches or presentations are consistent and align with your personal brand. Implement SEO strategies on your personal and business platforms to enhance your visibility in search results.

4. Engage in Thought Leadership

Begin sharing your expertise and knowledge in your industry with your audience. Write articles, start a blog, create videos, or host webinars to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities in your sector. Engaging in speaking engagements, podcasts, and conferences can also amplify your voice in the industry, positioning you as an expert and go-to resource.

5. Network Authentically

Establish and nurture relationships both within and outside of your industry. Attend events, join associations, and be genuinely interested in other people’s stories and endeavors. Authentic networking leads to partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities that can elevate your personal brand to new heights.

6. Seek Continuous Personal and Professional Development

Never stop learning. Engage in continuous personal and professional development to stay relevant and ahead in your industry. This could involve pursuing additional qualifications, attending workshops, or getting certified in new skills. Your commitment to learning reflects positively on your personal brand, showcasing you as a dedicated and future-oriented leader.

7. Be Consistent

Consistency is key in personal branding. Ensure that your messages, appearances, and interactions are consistently aligned with your personal brand, demonstrating reliability and authenticity.

8. Leverage Testimonials and Case Studies

Positive reviews, testimonials, and case studies from clients or colleagues can serve as social proof of your skills and expertise. Feature these on your website, in your marketing materials, and on social media to build credibility and trustworthiness in your personal brand.

9. Demonstrate Your Values and Ethics

Communicate your values and ensure that your actions consistently reflect them. In an age where consumers and stakeholders are increasingly value-driven, aligning your personal brand with ethical practices and transparent communication is paramount.

10. Monitor and Adjust

Regularly assess the impact and perception of your personal brand. Use feedback and online monitoring tools to understand how you are perceived and be willing to make necessary adjustments to ensure your personal brand continues to evolve positively.

Each of these 10 steps serves as a milestone in your personal branding journey, helping to mold a reputation that resonates with your audience and provides measurable impacts to your business. Whether you're a startup CEO or lead a Fortune 500 company, implementing these tips can pave the way toward establishing a robust personal brand that drives organizational success and shapes industry landscapes.

Take the first step in YOUR personal branding journey, and align your company with a beacon of positivity for your business: YOU. Soon enough, you will watch your business soar to new heights.

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