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The Ascendant Group Listed as a Top PR Firm in Delaware

Did you know that 88% of employees believe a distinct company culture is important to the success of a business? It’s true. It’s no news that branding matters; not only to your customers but also to your internal team members.

We’re proud to be your go-to branding, PR, and social media marketing agency. Since 2004, we’ve been working with the world’s leading CEOs and executives.

“CEO branding is the art of developing emotional connections with the stakeholders that matter the most to a businesses success through the power of story-telling and providing value that demonstrates marketplace differentiation.” –Raoul Davis | CEO & Founder, The Ascendant Group

Our talented team leverages our knowledge of Human2Human marketing to guide our partners to take the role of becoming the chief storyteller for their brand. This unlocks increased visibility and emotional connectivity that leads to increased top line revenues, development of portable brands, and a furthering legacy.

As a global leader in CEO branding, we’ve received accolades and awards for our work and projects.

Over the years, we’ve completed numerous successful projects. In one of our engagements, we created and developed the branding for Dell’s first-ever VP of global consumer innovation. The objective was to grow our client’s brand visibility.

In order to do this, we secured a national book deal that showcased their unique expertise. We organized and managed an international book tour that included paid engagements. Later on in their career, our client was able to take that branding and utilize that visibility when they launched their own business.

This is just one example of our many successful projects. It’s clear that our clients are more than satisfied with our deliverables and expertise.

"Your campaign is the stuff of PR gold. People didn’t just think about what and who you were promoting – they recognized and remembered it. It’s what successful, pitch-worthy PR campaigns do." –Jami Oetting, Executive Editor, The Agency Post

Success like that has allowed us to be listed as a top PR firm in Delaware. Our presence on Clutch, a company rankings platform, has established us a leader in our field and provides a way for us to collect client feedback through verified, unbiased reviews.

If you want to leave some thoughts about a past or ongoing engagement, feel free to do so by visiting our Clutch profile. But don’t forget—you can drop us a line for anything at any time.


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