Risks to Corporate Branding

At the time of managing or working in our personal or business brand, there are actions that we must avoid in order to not harm it. There are several factors that can damage the brand, both external and internal and those can be manifest in multiple ways, even tho some of them are easy to transform into something positive. Here are three factors that greatly determine the success or failure of branding.

There's Inconsistency in communication

An inconsistent branding makes it more difficult for people to verify the authenticity of the products, services, and results of a company (or individual), which causes a decrease in customer trust and loyalty. It is as if a person we are meeting, after a week begins to speak to us in medieval English while wearing a gothic look. Something does not add up, right? And then we ask ourselves, can I trust this person?

The inconsistency of the communication and dissemination of our brand has the same result.

The brand is the business card of a company, it is what makes it easily recognizable. A good brand image helps the company's sales and stability since it makes it more visible to the public.

Listening to your clients

It is the customers who finish shaping our brand. Today, intelligent branding development is based on the client's experience and point of view, and not vice versa.

That a brand listens, understands, worries and helps sounds almost like science fiction; however, more and more brands are becoming aware of how important it is to practice active listening.

Not enough content

"How difficult can it be to be on Facebook or Twitter to position my brand?" - Some clients or people thinking about starting a business ask.

You can not integrate into social networks and hope to only occasionally post a random comment and suggest what others do. You are a BRAND and as such you must prove your worth and what you are good at.

The problem lies in the quality of these contents. When the quality of the content is low, you can generate a certain level of attention, even favoring SEO, but not sales or brand image.

To have optimal results, the content must be useful and relevant, share messages that resolve doubts, give advice or that is an advance of a product or service that is about to be released.

Your consumers are the ones that give life to your brand, your publications should be focused on generating an interaction, a positive impact.


Do you need help creating a brand with which people align and connect? Or maybe you have built a brand and you just need some adjustments. In this sense, to develop a successful and efficient branding strategy, there are many keys and many aspects to be valued, that is why consulting with experts is the Ace under the sleeve to provide a very important added value, some example of the benefits of working with experts are:

1. It allows you to differentiate yourself in a market of imitators. 2. Generates confidence. 3. The contents are of high quality, focused on results and this creates a solid image. 4. Win the attention of potential customers, because they feel identified with your professionalism and commitment to your brand.

Having good branding can increase your visibility up to 4 times compared to competitors. It is important to take into consideration all these aspects when working on your personal or corporate brand, this will make all the efforts made to distinguish yourself from others be focused correctly. All this in the long term will generate a good image and will make you be considered an opinion leader in what you do.

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