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Plop Makers and Ascendant Group Branding Alliance Creates Global Reach for Saudi Arabian Clients

PLOP is the sound of a pebble dropping into a pond as it sends ripples out in wider and wider circles, seemingly into infinity, contained only by the boundaries of the body of water. If the pebble is a message and its ripples are its sphere of influence, then isn’t the goal to have those ripples continue out into the world as far as possible?

This was the goal of Plop Makers, Inc. at its inception. This is also the goal of Ascendant Group as it continues to expand its global reach. These two entities joined forces earlier this year to further this common goal.

In his keynote address at the Arab Marketing & PR Summit in 2017, Ezz Eldin El Nattar, Chairman of Ascendant Global, the International Division of Ascendant Group, emphasized the value of CEO and executive branding in gaining corporate global visibility and recognition. During this global networking opportunity at the 2017 Summit, global leaders in the PR and branding space came together to share ideas and grow their own influence beyond their boundaries at the time. As a result of that particular “plop,” and through interactions and negotiations since the Summit, Plop Makers and Ascendant Group came together to form a global partnership specifically for clients in Saudi Arabia – Executive & Corporate Branding and Hollywood Talent Acquisition and Public Relations – Saudi Arabia.

The goal of the partnership is to offer the award-winning CEO, executive and celebrity branding services of Ascendant Group to Plop Maker’s ever-expanding professional network within Saudi Arabia. The international media and related capabilities of each company will exponentially increase the impact of global campaigns created by the partnership for Saudi Arabian clients.

The partnership offers worldwide brand strategy development, PR campaigns, talent sourcing, content and book development, and related services specifically tailored to clients in Saudi Arabia who want to see how their ripples of influence can expand. Through this powerful alliance, the possibilities are infinite.

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