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Perception vs Reality

The success of a company or a product lies in a variety of factors such as quality, innovation or providing good customer service and this is definitely part of the puzzle, but the true determinant of the success or failure of a product or service depends on the perception of the audience about the brand.

As we know, perception is the reality of what people think or say about something. Brand perception is the reality of what people think or say about your brand.

In order to do business, it is not enough to “know the client” and to orient the offer only to satisfy their needs and desires, what we must achieve today is that the client identifies us and prefers us instead of going with the competition, the perception of the Customer is what makes the difference between being "the chosen ones" or one more among a large multitude of options.

The way in which a brand is presented directly impacts the awareness that its audiences have of it, that is, the ability of current and future clients to recognize and remember it, which in turn indirectly impacts its meaning and positioning.

Positive customer perception of a brand can be the trigger for a new business. The way in which an individual perceives a brand (consciously or unconsciously) completely determines how it will relate to it. There are three fundamental points on which we must focus to create a positive perception.

Build your brand based on emotional connections.

The benefits of building a client-brand emotional relationship are the capture and creation of authentic experiences. Consumers value having a "human" experience with an organization, the more personal the interaction and contact, the more understood and identified they will feel.

A genuine interest in the welfare of customers, addressing those needs (for example, listening with interest, allows the client to express their concerns, problems or complaints with total freedom) that are often left aside can make a big difference in the customer-brand relationship.

Take care and take advantage of the contact points.

Developing the right channels of communication with your customers is crucial. Each one of the contact points of the brand can take a decisive role in the relationship with customers.

Brand perception starts within the Company. It continues to the outside, with all the channels through which the brand reaches the audience and prioritizing those that allow a dialogue between both parties.

The way in which a brand offers its services of attention, resolution, and support to its customers has a decisive impact on the assessment of the customer experience, therefore on the perception of the brand.

Brand Integrity

People often define integrity as doing the right thing, even when there is no one closer and when nobody is looking at you. At the most basic level, all business relationships are based on trust. It's basic. Keep your promises and promise only things you can keep, if you can't recognize this principle, your brand perception will be affected; disappointed customers are the most difficult to recover.

Trust and integrity are closely connected. When a company acts with integrity, it builds relationships of trust, its reputation rises, the perception of the brand is positive and as a result, it increases productivity and sales.

Customer expectations are increasing, a brand must be unique and different enough from others to gain consumer trust and loyalty. Customers' perception of your brand and the quality of your service could be more relevant than other traditional competitive advantages, such as prices, features, and usability.

No matter how big a company is, its success is in the hands of the public and its perception of the brand.

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