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Level-Up Your Brand With These Three Expert Strategies

In this new economy, businesses and CEOs are constantly looking for creative ways to keep their businesses open while still continuing to expand. Smart CEOs and marketers remember that, sometimes, simple is more, and going back to the basics is refreshing. The constant bombardment from technology and media can be overwhelming, so for some consumers, walking into a store with simple geometric designs like, Apple and Microsoft, can be a breath of fresh air. Rather than expand with more products and services, focus on how your brand and product can increase profits.

Here are three expert strategies to help take your brand to the next level:

1. Create and Enhance the Consumer Experience

Successful brands today incorporate “design-style-thinking” and are people-centric. Perhaps the greatest example of creating a unique consumer experience is Apple. Customers are not just entering a store. They’re entering a microculture where they are guaranteed a personal experience without the constant distractions of ads and displays. For online businesses, your storefront website acts the same as a physical store. A website that is people-centric puts functionality first and foremost. It should be visually attractive, accessible and easy to navigate, mobile friendly, free from distracting clutter, and all relevant information should be simple to locate so that customers do not click to leave for another website.

2. Develop Products That are Innovative to Consumers and Other Industries

One way to expand your company is to expand the areas and fields in which your product can be used. A great example is entrepreneur CEO Li Gang’s Dlodlo Virtual Reality Glasses. These virtual reality glasses are shaped like sunglasses as opposed to the typical helmet-style devices, and are one of the thinnest and lightest designs in the world. The versatility of these VR glasses is endless from improving sports training without being limited by the weather to being used in the medical field to perform remote surgeries. Li Gang believes that companies should strive to continuously improve their products, and look at problems as an opportunity to improve rather than as failed attempts.

3. Make the Brand Fun

Have you ever attended a social event where the guests are huddled around their food while the host tries to engage everyone in awkward party games? In the same respect, many consumers will recognize, and possibly avoid, brands that feel pushy, artificial, or forced. Instead, do not be afraid to let your brand be authentic, exciting, and fun. CEO of Bloomery Plantation Distillery, Linda Losey, explains that her brand represents her team’s personality, interests, and most important, their sense of humor. Embrace the quirks and characteristics that make you, your company, and your brand unique. In response, consumers will feel comfortable expressing their true selves and become living reflections of your brand.

Most companies find implementing more than one of these strategies too difficult or simply unable to be done. If you want your company to stand out amongst the majority of your competitors, take the time and execute a plan to use all three. It may be difficult, but nothing is impossible and the reward is worth the competitive advantage.


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