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Here is an excerpt of a recent article our CEO published at Forbes

It seems that in today’s business world there are thousands of ways to be tricked and pushed into putting your money where it doesn’t belong. In my recent Forbes article 3 Lesser-Known Strategies to Secure Business Financing, I discuss different ways to ensure the quality of your money and hard work. The first tip is simple, Figure Out Creative Loan Structures for Friends, Family and Business Partners. No investor likes sweating bullets to get paid in a world where VCs, angel investors and private equity firms are steadily increasing their standards as they are pummeled with potential deals. This sort of creativity isn’t only good business sense — it will become necessary.

The next tip is  to Use Term Insurance to Secure a Small Business Loan. If a small business owner goes to a bank seeking a loan, the bank often won’t issue a loan without a life insurance policy. And finally Understand That Entrepreneurship Is a Full-Time Job. Accepting the idea that the job never ends will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. So many business leaders never took the next step in their career because they became to excited the minute their product/service took launch. The truth is, work never ends for entrepreneurs. Whatever business your in, if you are in charge there is no way out of hard work.

If you think this is interesting, please take a look at the full article on Forbes website:

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