Improving your brand through Social Media

Social media has come to an era where people can run their business completely online and be very successful at it. The same opportunities that exist today, ten years ago were not available. If you owned a business, most likely, it was through a local avenue like an office space. Today, social media has allowed people to free up overhead expenses like renting or owning a physical location to running a business’s straight from the comforts of their homes. On the other hand, trusting your business completely online uncovers the risks of losing it all at any given moment.

However, with the number of returns, online businesses are worth the risk. Social media can be a good tool to build your brand, expand your visibility, accessibility, and increase your revenue internationally. Specifically, in branding, social media is heavily used and relied on for those key points. From new beginners to experts, utilizing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can significantly increase your platform and build long-lasting partnerships that create powerful brands.

#1 Facebook

Facebook initially began as a way for college students to connect. Then later, it opened up avenues for family, friends, and/or coworkers to keep in touch. Nowadays, Facebook is used by millions of people as a way of building relationships, connecting with others, making new friends, and conducting business. Facebook offers a marketplace where people have the freedom to buy or sell locally, along with, business page opportunities to provide credibility to their customers. Overall, this billion-dollar success is worth every penny invested in increasing your platform. Executed properly, Facebook can be your only form of “return of investment” social media platform.

#2 Instagram

Instagram at one point in time was privately own until Facebook combined forces and built a bigger platform. App users alone have single handily created income for just the content they post. Whether it’s pictures of food, fashion, or fun, users also known as influencers get paid for doing things they enjoy. It is an awesome way to expose a brand and be compensated at the same time. Undeniably, Instagram is one of the best platforms for any online business that sells products or services. Customers have the luxury to see and review products or services before even buying. Studies have shown that a person can browse a profile in less than 30 seconds and completely understand what the page is all about. Although it takes time building a strong Instagram profile, after you get going, Instagram can be very lucrative.

#3 Twitter

Now, this one is our president’s favorite. President Donald Trump communicates some of the world’s serious matters through Twitter. A significant amount of his campaign was marketed through Twitter. This brilliant tool sends out the notion, that our thoughts truly matter and the world isn’t so big with so many people sharing similarities. This is demonstrated through the systems of likes, retweets, comments, and shares. Twitter is a world filled with written beliefs that simply bring people together. Many successful companies use Twitter as their communication outlet compared to a newsletter or memo. And because posts are limited to a certain amount of characters, it allows people to get straight to the point. If your brand speaks volumes through words, Twitter is your best bet.

#4 LinkedIn

Where everyday business meets a social standard. LinkedIn is such a valuable platform created in its own league. It is the first site that meets a need in the worlds of Facebook and Twitter likes and shares. Users who do not require a social presence in their personal lives, found a need for LinkedIn as it connected them on an innovative level. This professional platform allows business people, CEOs, entrepreneurs, C-level executives and professionals to connect, partner, and make some money along the way. In the industry of CEO Branding, LinkedIn is one of the strongest media platforms that can be used for connecting with fellow minds and combining platforms for bigger audiences.

While there are hundreds of other social media apps and websites that are working to make their mark. These four have proven to be beneficial tools in growing and sustaining a marketable brand. Granting there are many ways to become successful in building an online presence for any brand. The best way is to obtain guidance from leading experts in the industry that can navigate through the do’s and don’ts of social media.

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