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How to Improve Your Brand in the New Year: Part II - Clarity is Key

Business women talking about new ideas for their brand

The majority of people never accomplish their new year’s resolutions. Why? Our belief is that many people approach resolutions as an idea rather than setting measurable goals and strategies. Just as people set goals to improve in the new year, brands should be as well. Your brand personality, just like a person, should evolve and grow with time. Here are some practical strategies that you can use to improve your overall brand in 2022. Clarity is Key

Last week we discussed creative ways to engage with your audience and the importance of showing the audience what they want to see, rather than force feeding them content. You can read that article here. This week we’ll discuss the end all, be all for brand communication, clarity.

Communication is the most important tool in any relationship–including the relationship between brands and their respective audience. Knowing your values, and communicating them well, is one of the best ways to increase emotional connectivity. Just like in a personal relationship, values aren’t grand gestures made by a company once in a while — they should be reflected in the daily small actions shown through your content. The best brands communicate their message through the way they engage with their audience. This includes integrating public relations, social media, video, and design. Many executives and entrepreneurs are discovering storytelling is the most effective way to engage. Focusing on honesty and authenticity by guiding the audience through a story that emotes is seen through recent movies such as Spiderman: No Way Home. As a brand, it is important to recognize you are not selling to just a business or a group of people–you are selling to the individual. Business is not just about B2B or B2C, it’s about H2H–human to human marketing.

The main lesson here is to remember that your audience is composed of unique individuals, and to address them as such. Communicate your values through daily activities, and be clear about who you are as a brand. It is always better to have a fanbase who talks about you, than to share those things yourself. This way, you get your name out through various channels and generate good and healthy PR.

Next week we’ll focus on how to enhance the user’s experience when interacting with brand elements.

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