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How Does a CEO Affect a Company?

CEOs are constantly in the spotlight. Who’s resigning? Who’s taking over? Who’s starting a new company? Who’s sending a car into orbit? CEOs are the chameleons of the business world. They are constantly adapting to changes in the market platform, new and fading trends, and fluctuating consumer needs and expectations. While it’s easy to speculate on what a CEO does on a day to day basis, many people may wonder what effects they actually have.

With recent scandals headlining the news, it doesn’t take much to see how a CEO can negatively affect a company, so here are just a few ways that a CEO positively affects a company:

1. Making the Human-to-Human Connection and Increasing Profits

CEOs are the bridge that links the consumer to the company with an authentic human-to-human connection. They become a brand ambassador and thought leader, engaging with the target audience via social media, at in-person events, or by doing interviews. Social engagements are a great way for the CEO to get to know the target audience and vice versa. When consumers and investors have a voice and feel valued, they in turn become loyal to the CEO and company which increases profits.

2. Leading Changes for the Company’s Growth

Things change fast. When businesses remain static, continuing to rely on what worked in the past, there likely won’t be a future. The CEO constantly needs to assess the data and determine what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be improved. Having that human-to-human connection and actually listening to the feedback that the target audience provides will yield valuable insight to the ever changing and expanding needs of the consumers. Does a product need to be expanded? Redesigned? Does an entirely new product need to be created? The target audience will tell, but it’s up to the CEO to grow and deliver.

3. Rebuilding an Empire

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of everyone involved, a company may simply be failing. Failure is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. With the right attitude and solid vision, the CEO can turn a failing company into a profiting one. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and profits will not increase overnight. With a detailed plan, a team of talented employees, perseverance, and most importantly the knowledge that it can be done, the CEO has the ability to lead the company back to even greater success.

The CEO is a lot more than just a CEO. They have the power to build a brand and company culture that resonates values, positivity, and responsibility. With an open mind and a quest for opportunities, CEOs are core to a company’s success.


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