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Here’s What Training Courses Look Like in the Metaverse

Virtual Reality has been the topic of ongoing discussions with the introduction of the Metaverse this year. The capabilities of this technology have been around for quite some time, but only now are companies beginning to take advantage of its capabilities. Nike has purchased land in Roblox, Pepsi is rumored to be creating an NFT collection, and Disney wants to create their own metaverse. There is no doubt that virtual reality will be a great source of entertainment but what does it look like in education?

Ascendant Group client, Fierce Inc. is looking to pilot the fields of training, learning, and development within the Metaverse. Prior to the pandemic, they learned a great deal about their clients through their built-in data system which allows clients to answer survey questions. Once they started to dissect the data, the shortcomings in their model became apparent. The question regarding facilitators, “How would you rate the facilitator’s skills?” consistently scored in the 90s, indicating the learner loved the overall experience. Two questions scored significantly lower – “How likely are you to use the concepts and models?” and “How ready are you to apply what you’ve learned?” Our scores, along with customer verbatims, illuminated to us that our learning efficacy was low.

This is when the idea of 3D/VR simulations came into play. Immersive learning has been shown to increase retention significantly. The point of training in the Metaverse is to immerse the learner in the scenario and allow them to participate in a safe environment where they can learn or hit re-do to try again. This way, when it comes to real life, they have already practiced the situation thoroughly. What Types of Trainings Can This Be Applied To?

A great example is from early in the pandemic, a Fierce Inc. client was struggling with in-store sales as customers often wanted to interact in opposite ways. On one side, a client wouldn’t want a salesman to shake their hand or get too close. On the other, the client would get mad about having to wear a mask. After developing a training with their VP of Sales, the BETA tests proved this hypothesis and provided great learning for retail employees. Another successful BETA was done with a hospital chain who needed nurses to be able to provide quick feedback, confront, and delegate with physicians.

In both situations the companies had similar constraints as they could not have employees off shift for hours at a time. This is the benefit of Metaverse training, it is mobile and can be done in 15 minutes or less if needed. What Does This Mean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)?

As a company, Fierce Conversations are always looking toward the primary goal of engaging your environment, no matter the situation– whether that’s the need to provide feedback, ask for it, address an issue, or set clear intentions for a meeting. This should be the foundation for any organization and leads to anything an organization hopes to accomplish.

Fierce Inc. recently partnered with Dr. Yasmin Davids, founder of the Dr. Yasmin Davids’ Leadership Institute, a multi-ethnic, anti-racist organization partnered with USC and UCSD. Dr. Davids equips people with techniques on how to be “Graciously Assertive,” which teaches that women can be assertive and effective in the workplace–just like their male counterparts–while avoiding negative connotations. By capturing these techniques along with Fierce Inc. conversation models in 3D/VR simulations, they do role reversals to illustrate the importance of engaging in these critical conversations to evoke learning and enrich relationships while avoiding anger, defensiveness, and toxic environments. Metaverse training will only grow as time goes on. Using it to improve society should be at the top of our priority list.

“Fierce is passionate about empowering the world with conversation techniques and is partnering with leaders in their fields to bring immersive Metaverse Training to their learners along with embedded conversation techniques. Our mission is to better the world, one conversation at a time, and to continue as The Metaverse Training Company.

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