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Food for Thought: Entrepreneurs Need These 3 Tips to Increase Their Energy

Last year, the start of the 2020 Pandemic was a major source of stress for the entire world. This year, the somewhat slow return to “normal” is now another major source of stress. The effects of chronic stress have been well documented from diminishing the immune system to associated chronic health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and neurological disorders and diseases.

Perhaps you were one of the people who shifted from working in an office to working from home, and suddenly you discovered how much tastier a homemade meal is compared to that healthy looking salad that secretly has 1,000 calories in the dressing. Hopefully, as we return to our offices, you will continue to make the time to cook a five star dinner and pack the leftovers for lunch.

Why is food an important topic for entrepreneurs?

Because there is increasing scientific evidence that what we eat is one of the most critical decisions we make that directly impacts our health.

Admittedly, most entrepreneurs are constantly on the go, it’s just so convenient to stop at a drive-thru, and the picture looks healthy enough. Fish tacos and sandwiches are pretty popular, and fish is healthy, right? Well, a seasoned steak is a better choice than a processed slab of fish. And a fresh egg (even better if it’s straight from the henhouse) is better than a synthetic cholesterol-free substitute.

We know a sudden lifestyle food change won’t happen overnight; we’re just hopeful that some of those new found recipes will still have a place in your diet.

Here are 3 tips to help the on-the-go entrepreneur make healthier choices to increase energy and ward off stress:

Avoid Highly Processed Foods

Prepackaged foods are quick, easy, and if you accidentally leave them in your car for a few hours the preservatives will probably make it still ok to heat and eat. They do come with a price though. Processed foods have been linked to disabilities and diseases not seen by civilizations before us.

Get Fresh

Rather than go for that box of cookies or pint of ice cream, try to look for fresh foods. The downside of fresh foods is that they do spoil faster, but the upside is that you can freeze them! Local farmers markets are a great way to eat fresh and support your local community. Need to schedule a business lunch? Many restaurants now offer exquisite offerings that highlight seasonal, contemporary cuisine.

Pack it and Stash it

A fantastic dinner turns into the next day’s extraordinary lunch. Packing your lunch the night before is the foodie’s equivalent to shabby chic. It saves time, money, and ensures you eat a healthy lunch to keep you just as energized as you were in the morning. This also applies to those exquisite restaurant offerings mentioned just above. Instead of feeling obligated to finish your entire plate, intentionally save half of a healthy meal for the next day. You’ll find that you’ll still be satisfied, and your wallet, not your stomach, will get bigger.

A healthy, energized, happy entrepreneur is far more likely to be successful. Someone who has a poor diet may be irritable, lethargic, and unmotivated. (Your clients and employees definitely notice when you’re “hangry.”) If you’re not inclined to make changes for your own health (which we hope you are and do), make changes for the sake of your company’s bottom line and the brand you’ve spent so many years building starting with these 3 tips.


Successful entrepreneurs around the world start their days by moving their bodies.

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