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Focus on Ability! Congratulations to Our Client David Egan on His CBS Appearance!

A huge congratulations from Ascendant Group to our client, David Egan! David recently appeared on CBS after the publication of his first book, More Alike Than Different.

David is an activist, a speaker, a disability ambassador, and now a published author. David has down syndrome, but instead of allowing that to be a limitation, David has become a prominent figure in the community for those who have disabilities.

Not only does David inspire us, he also reminds us of a very important fact about humans. Regardless of our differences, we are always more alike. People with visible disabilities have limitations. People with invisible disabilities have limitations. People without disabilities have limitations. It is our abilities that allow us to succeed and define who we are.

To see David’s CBS appearance, click here for the YouTube link.

To buy David’s book, check out Amazon or your local bookstore for this incredible read.

Once again, congratulations David! It is our honor to work with you.


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