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Five Keys To Leveraging Clubhouse To Grow Your Business

Clubhouse is a new invitation-only social media platform that can help you leverage your business in a unique and effective way. It is different from other social media networks in that it is an audio-based app consisting of chat rooms where a vast range of topics are discussed, such as raising capital and building a $100-million business. Rooms consist of speakers and moderators, who create the room and ensure the discussion is running smoothly, and audience members, who listen to the conversation. Audience members can contribute their own ideas and questions once they raise their hand and the moderator selects them as a speaker. The conversations had in these rooms are not recorded and disappear once they end.

The first key to Clubhouse is:

1. Leverage The Great Mentoring Advice On The Platform

One of the best aspects of Clubhouse is that it gives users the ability to learn from other people's successes and mistakes. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from experts in your industry by using the app as a free mentorship program. When you are listening in a room, make sure to take notes, listen intently and ask questions. You also may be able to learn from your competitors and members of your target audience. Take advantage of this opportunity by asking for advice and using what you learn to shape your strategy and grow your business.

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