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California recently signed a law for College Athletes Branding

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

California recently signed a law that allows college athletes to hire public and relations companies (PR) to promote personal branding and visibility. College athletes who choose to work with PR agencies can have a higher probability of securing College Athlete Endorsement Deal. During the process of signing with professional and national leagues, it's important to simultaneously create a sustainable personal brand that produces well after an athletic career.

Solidifying a strong PR team can help develop an athlete's brand to create long-term investments. The goal is for each athlete to obtain an agent, sport's lawyer, manager, team PR, marketing teams, and sponsor(s) to ensure the achievement of an executive brand. The right PR team will ensure that balance is in the proper place.

Enhancing their image and repositioning their branding, makes athletes more marketable to corporate sponsors, College Athlete Endorsement Deals, and outside revenue-generating opportunities. PR agencies that support collegiate athletes build devoted fans and active communities to support their clients on and off the field.

Starting with social media presence and exercising platforms like LinkedIn. A professional network like LinkedIn for experienced professionals can introduce an audience to the athlete's profession and personal brand. There is no question that social media can be one of the most effective brand-building tools. LinkedIn campaigned the proper way can introduce clients to a world of opportunities.

Life after the pros can easily transition into entrepreneurship allowing you to network with the companies and people you have built up a direct relationship with on LinkedIn. Being active on LinkedIn ensures an athlete is taking the right steps to produce a multi-dimensional brand that has better long-term earning potential than those with a singular brand. LinkedIn offers athletes a chance to showcase themselves to a business-savvy audience. LinkedIn allows you to open doors to a new audience to create new avenues.

The PR agency can build stock in their professional careers after the league.

Most athletes generate a substantial amount of wealth and later funds deplete without the right money management in place. With PR agencies hard at work, it can support a professional athlete with money management and build their stock after the league. PR agencies aid them also by assisting them in managing their online and offline reputation. What they do off-the-field, private meetings with sponsors, media interviews, public appearances, etc.

In business and sports, the most successful are typically those who can position themselves impressively and accurately. By athletes choosing the correct PR reputation, a unique advantage is created. A brand that is positioned in progressively increasing their marketability and visibility can substantially earn more throughout a career.

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