Branding and Public Relations Strategies For NFT And Metaverse CEOS, Entrepreneurs, and Executives

Recently, CEO Raoul Davis discussed some of the emerging communication challenges in the web 3.0 space.

After having helped an ICO raise 50 million, supporting an NFT collection that sold over 9,000 NFTS in 48 hours at 4.8 million, and recently traveling to the world's emerging 3.0 market Dubai Davis provided some unique insights.

Here is a quote from the article below:

"Overall, the way that experts are communicating about the metaverse and NFTs can be hard to understand for those who are not experts in these spaces. Their explanations are often filled with tech-speak, which can be confusing or so abstract that it becomes difficult to distinguish aspiration from reality. Or, to be more straightforward, they exist within a bubble."

Davis provides 3 success tips:

1. Educate your market in a clear, digestible way.

2. Make it practical

3. Use relevant anecdotes

4. Tie it to purpose

You can read the full article on Forbes:

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