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Brand Building Beyond Services and Products

In this era, business are leaning more to experiences rather than products or services. Ultimately, in a world where products are becoming more like each other, the competitive advantage must come from the experience that surrounds them, from the ability to create an experience for clients and audience in general.

Brands connect to emotions by generating all kinds of sensations until the consumer feels fully involved and the protagonist of experience, because, in the end, a brand is the sum of a promise and an experience (what is given and how it is given).

Creating a brand experience beyond a product or service does not depend on a specific moment, but rather on the treatment a customer receives throughout the process (offer, sales pitch, sale, after-sales, customer care). Therefore, it is essential to establish quality experiences throughout the entire client-brand relationship process and today we will share two key points to generate high-quality services and improve the consumer experience.

Open channels of contact with the audience.

All brands should have multiple points of contact with customers beyond advertising since it is there that the brand image is molded. A great way to create consistent points of contact and build a connection with customers is to "put yourself in their shoes" how you would like to be heard, helped, cared for. How does the experience work for them?

Examine each point of contact you have with your brand and the people who make it up. Identify ways you can improve it. Is your staff trained? Are they living up to their brand promise? Are they delivering experiences that will ignite loyal brand evangelists?

Try to show yourself as someone close and build trust with the customer: Accept criticism and show how you correct it, allow your customers to participate in the development of your products/services by listening to their ideas or experiences

Every experience matters and the brand must be consistent both offline and online and maintain continuous improvement.

Create authentic content and service strategies.

The authenticity of brands and the fulfillment of promises are two of the variables that consumers prioritize. This is an era marked by skepticism. Authenticity is a differential core competence of the company. If a company wants to connect with its customers and build returning consumers, they should market towards authenticity and human connection. Branding should be accurate every time the audience comes into contact with it. If the experience is not complete and consistent, it will not be as effective in creating customer loyalty and excitement.

The brands that are able to stimulate human senses in a positive way, give life experiences that consumers will later remember with pleasure. A company that aims at the heart before the portfolio, increases its sales and gain long term client loyalty. The future of branding lies upon building memorable experiences and permanently maintaining an emotional involvement with audiences, beyond products and services.

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