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Avoid These Seven Brand Killing Mistakes (Part 2)

Part one of “Seven Brand Killing Mistakes to Avoid” cautioned against lacking intention, talking too much for too long, and asking for support before demonstrating your brand’s value.

Read on for the completed list so you have the knowledge to make your brand a soaring success:

4. Having a Poor Temperament

Authenticity and maturity are two of the biggest traits that drive trust. People are less willing to work with someone who is defensive or condescending and will gravitate towards those who exert an excitement in educating and collaborating with others. Investors will often say or ask things with the intention of testing a CEO’s temperament. If things go south, investors want to make sure the CEO has the resilience and leadership skills to push through. When it comes to authenticity, if someone is not a good fit, tell them and help them get what they need. They will appreciate your honesty and possibly become a future customer or become a great source of referrals.

5. Having an Average Website

Your website is an opportunity to control the narrative of your brand and allow consumers to get to know you better. Not maintaining your website, or not even having one, is equivalent to having a party in a dirty house or without furniture and party supplies. If your target audience lacks the ability to get information quickly and simply, you could lose the opportunity to gain a repeat customer, business partner, or even a multimillion-dollar investor. With multiple platforms offering the ability to create simple yet stunning website designs, there is no excuse not to have a website that clearly reflects you and your brand.

6. Lack of Presence on Social Media

Whenever someone wants to remember a person or a company or seek more information, the first thing they usually ask is, “Is there an Instagram or Facebook?” Even if you don’t believe in social media, or downright hate it, it’s worth having a social media following because it will brand you as a person of influence. Various social media sites can offer different benefits. LinkedIn can help grow your business through a worldwide professional network, Facebook is a great place to get customers’ feedback, and Twitter can help monitor current short and long term trends so you can stay one step ahead. With the ability to reach millions of users in seconds, social media may be the best marketing tool in the 21st century.

7. Not Controlling Your Online Presence

Have you Googled yourself or your business lately? If not, you should. You would be surprised at what might pop up. If you like the results, great! If not, address it and change it. Social media and Google can work together to build your brand’s credibility and reputation or they have the possibility to destroy it. Need help navigating the complicated world of the web? Hire a reputable branding or management company to achieve more positive search results.

It takes a lot of time and money to build an executive brand. Don’t doom your brand to fail by making these easy-to-avoid-mistakes.


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