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After over 42,000 votes cast, Ascendant Group was awarded the above achievement for excellence in what it does best: Executive Branding.

Corporate Brand Strategy Firm of the Year & Award for Excellence in CEO Branding

By winning a Global Award – 2018 Edition from Lawyer International, Ascendant Group, experts in corporate branding and CEO branding, is being recognized as a business that shines in this category, going above and beyond to provide value for their clients.

As Lawyer International States: “The winners, quite simply, represent those firms and individuals that are instrumental to the businesses that engage them, thus ensuring a swift, positive outcome is always achieved. These firms and individuals continually go above and beyond, always providing a high degree of demonstrable evidence which is consistent with positive comments from both clients and peers.”

What does Ascendant Group do that garners the above recognition?

Since 2004, inspired by trust and built on referrals, Ascendant Group specializes in CEO branding and has delivered significant results for a variety of corporations. Ascendant does that by developing an integrated brand strategy and employing a mix of media outreach, strategic social media, leveraging the likes of LinkedIn, offering award winning design work, securing awards, and even getting book deals with national publishers for their exclusive clientele. We have also helped broker strategic alliances, producing signature events and negotiating a book deal.

Raoul Davis, CEO of Ascendant Group, explains: “A strong CEO brand in today’s society helps to give emotional staying power to the company in a time when it is harder to differentiate a company’s services or product than ever before amongst the crowd of similar products, fast followers, and even those who will clone quickly. They want to give their business to a company with a great reputation… and that reputation begins with the person in charge.”

With offices in Newark and Wilmington, Delaware, Cairo, Egypt, Lebanon, the Netherlands, and Nova Scotia, Canada, Ascendant Group will look to continue to be the global leader and most integrated CEO branding firm in the world.

Contact Info

Website: Phone: 302.450.4494 ext 202 Email: INFO@ASCENDANTGROUPBRANDING.COM

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