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Ascendant Group is an Agency Elite Top 100 PR Firm

A strong brand identity does more than help your company stand out. Your brand identity keeps you from being labeled by others. It gives you the power to connect with clients, consumers, and other businesses on your terms. Developing strong personal and corporate branding for clients is a consistent strength of Ascendant Group. Ascendant’s commitment to leadership in the sectors of CEO branding and corporate brand identity have been recognized by a major organization this year.

Ascendant group has been named a 2023 Agency Elite top 100 PR firm by PRNEWS. Each year since 2020, this comprehensive list highlights the highest-preforming and most groundbreaking public relations and communication firms of the moment. This recent award highlights a strong year for Ascendant, a longtime leader in CEO branding and corporate brand strategy.

PRNEWS is a leading source of information, recognition, data, and education for Fortune 1000 professionals, agencies, and other organizations. For over seventy-five years, PRNEWS has been committed to keeping communications, marketing, and PR professionals up to date on news effecting their industries. Their range of awards, including the Agency Elite Top 100, celebrate the brands, organizations, and people who embrace the impossible and innovate to push communications, marketing, and PR forward as an industry.

The Agency Elite Top 100 is a comprehensive list of top performing PR and communications firms from around the world. The award, now in its third year, recognizes innovators in the industry, and gives special consideration to how firms remain flexible and adapt to our constantly changing world. Community relationships and internal initiatives are also considered as PRNEWS determines the Elite Top 100.

Ascendant’s self-described “human to human” approach makes it a unique firm among the many industry leaders on the list. This approach goes beyond B2B and B2C, helping companies and executives grow their image and increase top line revenue through brand strategy, public relations, book deals, social media, and brand design.

Ascendant CEO and founder Raoul Davis described this human-to-human approach for Forbes, stating that “human connection is often influential in building trust. When a CEO acts as a thought leader, it provides value to an audience. When done correctly, CEOs can talk about their businesses during interviews while sounding organic and contextual instead of contrived.”

Describing this approach further in a 2021 interview with Total Prestige, Davis said, “Our real focus is not putting our clients in a box, but discovering their strengths that coincide with their business and amplifying those attributes. It is all tailored towards them, custom towards each client.”

Ascendant continues to be a leader in CEO branding, even as the sector has grown to include more agencies. According to, Ascendant is a top PR, social media, and branding firm in Delaware, and the number one minority owned PR firm in the United States. Earlier this year, two Ascendant executives –– Davis, along with Ascendant partner Richelle Payne –– were awarded the 2022 Philadelphia Titan Award. In 2021, Ascendant Group won the Blue Hen 17&43 Award.

Being listed among so many prestigious and leading-edge PR and communication firms attests to the success of Ascendant’s unique, human-focused approach to CEO branding. It is our goal to continue innovating and exceeding client expectations, and delivering results for our clients that align with Ascendant’s excellent reputation.

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