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Ascendant Group Ignites a Summer Filled with Boundless Possibilities

As Summer quickly approaches, Ascendant Group stands at the forefront of empowering our clients to seize bigger and bolder opportunities. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have embarked on an exhilarating journey, kickstarting this vibrant season with a flurry of captivating events and exclusive networking engagements.

Kentucky Derby - Louisville, KY

Our dedication to fostering growth and success took center stage at the prestigious Kentucky Derby, where Ascendant proudly sponsored a captivating event in collaboration with Trig Sports. Drawing in a diverse audience of industry leaders and enthusiasts, this remarkable occasion provided a unique platform for our esteemed team members to deliver an insightful lesson on the art of branding. Armed with insights into creating and propelling purpose-driven brands, attendees were inspired to forge a path toward meaningful and impactful success.

F1 Marquee Event - Miami, FL

In our relentless pursuit of enriching the business landscape, we recently sponsored an F1 marquee event that captivated the attention of influential athletes and renowned entertainers who shape cultural trends. This exclusive gathering not only celebrated the epitome of sporting excellence but also served as an ideal setting for our Southeast clients, who are shaping the world on both local and global scales to connect, collaborate, and exchange visionary ideas. This cherished opportunity further solidified our commitment to forging meaningful connections, deepening relationships, and providing unwavering support on every step of our clients' transformative journeys. The opportunity to network with esteemed professionals proved to be an invigorating experience for our team.

DMAT Confex - Dubai, UAE

Proving our global reach and thought leadership, Ascendant Group's visionary CEO and Founder, Raoul Davis, embarked on a journey to Dubai. At the distinguished Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Technology (DMAT) Confex, he was honored to present on branding as North America's preeminent CEO branding and PR partner. Audience members resonated with the insights provided and left inspired to rethink their approach to branding and unleash their true potential on a global stage.

As Ascendant spearheads a summer of unrivaled possibilities, we remain steadfast in our mission to illuminate pathways to success, empower our clients to transcend limitations and redefine the boundaries of achievement. Through a culmination of thrilling events, insightful collaborations, and impactful engagements already under our belts, we are ecstatic to make this summer an unforgettable chapter in the unfolding narrative of prosperity and growth.

Together, let us embrace this extraordinary season with open hearts and ambitious spirits, as Ascendant Group continues to ignite the spark of greatness within every client we serve.

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Hunter Bowen
Hunter Bowen
Jul 03, 2023

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