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Ascendant Group Client SOS Hydration Partners With Original Shark Kevin Harrington

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Ascendant Group is excited to announce that our client, SOS Hydration, has partnered with original Shark Tank judge and founder of As Seen on TV, Kevin Harrington. As temperatures around the nation reach unprecedented highs, now is the perfect time to accelerate SOS Hydration’s expansion and accessibility to homes and businesses around the country. With Harrington’s successful track record of launching over 500 products, his marketing and distribution expertise will be invaluable in achieving this growth.

SOS Hydration was founded by veteran, former middle-distance runner and current CEO, James Mayo, former middle-distance runner and Jame’s brother, Tom Mayo, and board certified internal physician and Jame's wife, Blanca Lizaola-Mayo, MD. With this collective experience, SOS Hydration understands the importance of proper hydration and the effects dehydration can have on the body, affecting athletes and entrepreneurs alike. Mayo explains that as little as 2% dehydration can contribute to fatigue, headaches, lower concentration, poor sleep, and even illness.

What sets SOS Hydration apart from its competition is the brand’s corporate mission to educate consumers using verifiable facts rather than the usual marketing tricks and gimmicks. This high-performance beverage is low in sugar and high in electrolytes, proving it to be as effective in rehydrating the body for mild-moderate dehydration as an IV drip.

Read the full article on Yahoo! Finance here for more information about SOS Hydration and this perfect partnership with Kevin Harrington, coordinated by Ascendant Group.

Keep a lookout for retailers of SOS Hydration in your area. It is currently being sold online, nationwide at CVS and Walmart, and regionally at Kroger’s stores and Whole Food’s.

Visit SOS Hydration to learn more about their corporate mission and their product.

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