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Ascendant CEO Featured on Business Method Podcast

Ascendant Group CEO, Raoul Davis recently made a guest appearance in The Business Method Podcast. Hosted by Chris Reynolds, a high-performance coach, lifestyle entrepreneur and podcaster, him and Raoul discuss the history of Ascendant Group and how it came to be the leading company for CEO branding.

In this podcast, Raoul talks about his past experience in branding, an H2H business model, his founding of Forbes Business Council and much more. He successes and his mistakes that he had to overcome and learn from to make Ascendant Group what it is today.

Reynold’s mission with Business Method Podcast is to help entrepreneurs and high-performers optimize their productivity and performance levels so you can scale your business faster and live more balanced, and fulfilling lives!

Past guests on The Business Method Podcast include Ron Lynch, the marketing genius who took GoPro from $600,000 in revenue to $600,000,000 and Bradley Birkenfeld, author of Lucifer’s Banker.

Click here to listen to the full podcast.

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