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Ad World Masters Ranks Ascendant Group #1 Top PR Firm in the World and #3 out of all agencies.

With a 9.7 rating, Ad World Masters has ranked Ascendant Group the number one top PR firm in the world and the 3rd ranked of all agencies in branding. In order to achieve this rating, the 11,400 agencies on the platform are given an agency score which is calculated and updated daily based on live data. Ad World Masters uses advanced AI technology to detect suspicious data and complex algorithms to ensure an unbiased and accurate relative score.

An agency score is similar to a credit score where the higher the score, the more difficult it is to increase. Since 2004, Ascendant Group has relied on referrals and trust in order to build the best and most reliable public relations, branding, social media, and other services available, leading to our number one ranking. We understand that human to human connections are just as, if not more, valuable than business to business marketing. Whether in the United States or international, Ascendant Group is dedicated to personalizing and expanding your branding needs starting from the unique local market.

Whether you are a small business or celebrity CEO, Ascendant Group is proud to be ranked number one and is dedicated to providing world class marketing, branding services, brand management, PR, social media, design, photography, publishing, and congressional thought leadership.

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(Image courtesy of Ad World Masters)


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