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3 Reasons Why Successful CEOs Need a Positive Personal Brand

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

As the saying goes, “hindsight is 20/20.” For many working-age employees, 2020 has arguably been the worst year of their lives, with Covid-19 largely to blame. While the government has been relentlessly scrutinized for the pandemic response strategy, so too were small businesses, large companies, and the CEOs who were at the forefront of economic disaster. Employees and consumers put those at the top under a microscope in order to determine who was doing the best at keeping consumers and employees safe, and keeping the business from becoming another victim. CEOs with a strong positive personal brand and innovative responses are much more likely to succeed in the age of COVID. So, how does your image compare to the competition and why does it matter?

1. A Positive Image Increases Topline Revenue and Increases Margins

To build a CEO brand, one must connect with the public, specifically your target audience. Interviews, social media posts, and community contributions are all ways to promote a positive image and emotionally connect with the public. Fortunately, there is a six factor model already in place that will maximize brand publicity. These factors, which occur organically, are strategy, public relations (print, online, TV, radio spots), social media , book deals, speaking engagements, and awards. A great product combined with a CEO whose personal brand revolves around using this six factor model will form a powerful human connection with the public. Suddenly, the company picks up momentum, revenues rise, and margins increase.

2. A Positive and Portable Personal Brand

For successful CEOs, the most sovereign weapon isn’t the company or the products is your name. Your personal brand. Elon Musk may have begun his career being associated with PayPal, but now the multi-billionaire has branched out with Tesla and SpaceX. Three extremely different companies with one common denominator: Elon Musk’s personal brand. A personal brand becomes portable when the name itself carries the prestige and reputation of lavish success. A portable branch allows the CEO to venture into new business, create new and novel ideas, and start businesses from scratch while remaining a highly valued asset to investors and other companies. The name is no longer dependent on the company, but the company is dependent on the name.

3. Becoming a Legacy, Not Just Another Name on a Wall

Imagine being a new employee taking a tour of the office for the first time. There on the wall, on dozens of tiny plaques, are the names of company predecessors. Your name could be up there one day, lost in a sea of bronze. Now imagine your name being as distinguished as Steve Jobs. Everyone has the capability to become a legacy alongside Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, however not everyone will. What sets apart those who achieve legacy status and those who don’t? It all comes down to three simple things: The wisdom to understand the necessary steps, the drive to continue working toward the goal until it has been achieved, and the vision to realize their work and their words will have a ripple effect that can echo as long as humans run the planet.

In all areas of life, the public looks to positive prominent leaders who share their core values of strong work ethic, sense of community, and integrity that will withstand the test of time. A positive CEO brand encompasses this and more, ensuring a lifetime of loyal consumers and shareholders.


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