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Want to partner with Ascendant?

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At Ascendant, we’re proud of what we do for CEOs and other leaders across a wide range of niches and industries.

We acknowledge that we couldn’t do it alone, though. We have many services that read the space for you… then set your message and brand above the noise with an all-in-one integrated solution that serves as a complement and supplement to the efforts of your internal team/s:

Brand Communication  

Executive Brand Management 

Public Relations 

Social Media 

Graphic Design 


Literary Representation



Strategic Visibility & Leverage


Our team of strategic partners, including other executive coaches,

literary agents, other public relations firms, social media strategists, SEO firms, and other marketing agencies, empower us to create the kind of success that transforms businesses - and lives.

Busy Street

See how our large network benefits you.

Our robust partnerships give us access to prestigious networks providing many resources that we generously share with our clients.  Those networks include:

The Forbes Agency Council

CEO Clubs International

Young Entrepreneur Council

CEO Connection

American Program Bureau (Speaking Agency)

The Luxury Network

Kingdom Chamber of Commerce

If you want to see if partnering with Ascendant is a good fit, schedule a time to chat. We enjoy working collaboratively with others and look forward to being a perfect complement and supplement to what your in-house team/s are putting into motion for you.


One of our friendly leadership professionals will be happy to discuss how we might mutually benefit each other, as well as share how our referral fees and complementary advisory services can help you grow.

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