How Should a CEO Use Social Media?

By now you know that social media is a quick way to reach millions of people worldwide. Put an ad out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, etc., and you know you can sit back and watch the number of clicks and shares increase within seconds. For a few extra bucks, you can have your ad preferences tailored to increase visibility to your target audience. While this is a great strategy (and environmentally more friendly than paper ads), it is not enough for a CEO to build and retain customer loyalty. CEOs need to be active on social media, not just passively posting ads.

Here are 4 ways CEOs should use social media to grow their brand and their company:

1. Be Visible and Transparent

Be active on social media platforms: post achievements, share goals, announce exciting innovations, give shout-outs. People use social media because it’s fun. Just because you’re serious about the success of your company doesn’t mean your posts have to be seriously boring. At the same time, you need to be honest and transparent. Tell your audience when plans fail and how you intend to move forward so they can cheer for your success. Moreso, customers value honesty which will perpetuate trust and loyalty.

2. Communicate

Use posts and direct messages to talk with your target audience or provide answers to questions. A lot of customers now expect companies to offer support and customer service via social media platforms. Liking or commenting on customers’ posts is also a great way to increase engagement. These simple actions will make your customers feel seen, heard, and appreciated. It’s also exciting to get a “like” from someone a customer admires!

3. Listen to Feedback

Reviews on social media are an excellent way to listen to customer feedback, see what’s currently trending, and anticipate customers’ needs. In order to take full advantage of this data, you need to truly hear what customers are saying and plan strategic goals that address their wants and needs. This includes knowing that sometimes you need to make the hard decision to change direction. Customers who are heard are customers who are valued, and customers who are valued give their loyalty in return.

4. Network

It’s a small world that can lead to big expansions. Whether you are looking for a business partner, to expand into an international market, or get new ideas, people love to connect with people who have huge visions like themselves. Another aspect of networking is finding quality employees. Many employees research employers on social media to see what values and innovations the company prides itself on. Social media platforms can connect prospective employees to employers seeking to hire.

Social media has many aspects that are usually overlooked by CEOs. Take advantage of each platform's strengths; for example Linked In is great for networking, Twitter is great for promotions, and Facebook is great for customer feedback. A social media savvy CEO will be able to leverage their strengths with the strengths of each platform to maximize visibility and company growth. Just look at Ascendant Group. Chances are you clicked a link from social media to get to this blog. We can help determine your strengths and ways to leverage social media to work for you.

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